TimberTech is one of the more recognizable brands to the average consumer. The company joined forces with AZEK back in 2012, and together they have produced some excellent products including capped composite boards and PVC decking. Their current lineup is tiered as well, so there are styles for budget-conscious homeowners along with premium products with lengthy warranties.

Types of TimberTech(Azek) Composite Decking

TimberTech has three collections. Their impressive lineup can be difficult to break down if you’re new to decking, so we’ve put together a table to show you differences between each style of decking.

SeriesStyleCollectionsTotal ColorsWarranty
TimberTech AZEKCapped PVC2950 Years/Limited Lifetime
TimberTech PRO4-sided capped composite31530 Years/30 Years
TimberTech EDGE3-sided capped composite1225 Years/30 Years

TimberTech AZEK Review

Capped PVC tends to be hit or miss when it comes to copying the natural look of wood. The AZEK lineup does a remarkable job of mimicking the good properties while giving you a resilient deck that will outlast wood or composite boards.

The Vintage Collection has the most wood-like shades with Cypress, Dark Hickory, Mahogany, Coastline, English Walnut, and Weathered Teak. These boards have a wire-brushed finish as you’ll find on hardwood flooring and multi-color variegation with varying patterns.

Vintage carries a premium price tag.

The Harvest Collection has a cathedral style pattern, so it looks more like real wood although the colors give it a painted look with Slate Gray, Kona, and Brownstone.

TimberTech PRO Review

If you prefer an encapsulated product to PVC, the TimberTech PRO line may be more your speed. These boards are covered on all four sides, so moisture will never be an issue, and the 30-year guarantee against staining and fading is better than what you’ll get from most brands.

TimberTech kept things nice and uniform for this series so you’ll deal with standard profiles, widths, and lengths. There are three collections, however, and each one brings something unique to the table.

The Terrain Collection sports a dual-embossed pattern resembling wood grain and comes in three monochromatic colors and two variegated shades.

The Tropical Collection has a similar price point but with a cathedral wood grain pattern, advanced color variegation and four colors.

The highlight of this series is the Legacy Collection due to a hand-scraped finish and variable pattern. The grain isn’t the only thing that varies considering there the boards have a multi-color variegated system with colors that cascade so that no two boards are identical. There are seven hues in this collection, and most range from medium to dark.

TimberTech Edge Review

All the best decking companies have a budget series, and TimberTech is no different. The Edge Series is another line of capped composite boards although these are only covered on three sides instead of four, so they are not reversible, and the color options are limited.

The Prime Collection has Dark Teak and Maritime Gray decking, and both styles come in standard lengths and widths with a tight, straight pattern.

TimberTech/Azek Pros and Cons

When you’re not sure what style of decking you want, but appreciate a wide range of colors, it’s hard to go wrong with TimberTech’s various series and collections.

Pros: TimberTech makes a high-quality product, but they also have the largest selection we’ve seen. We also love the fact they offer several collections in three board widths with narrow, standard and wide at 7.25”.

Cons: While we hesitate to call this decking expensive, the cost is a little more than you’ll have to pay from brands like Trex or Fiberon.

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