You are thinking of having a deck built.

There are many things that you will have to consider before the process starts, and we have attempted below to cover most of the important items that you will have to consider.

One of the items that will have to be created and provided as part of the planning stage is a copy of your Survey of your property. On a copy of that Survey, you will have to draw in the location and shape of your proposed deck, along with measurements that indicate how far the structure will be from the property lines. Each municipality has a minimum setback distance that is allowed from the side lot lines and the rear yard line. We can help you with the minimum distance requirements for your municipality.

Do not be concerned if you don’t have a survey available. We will create a sketch that indicates the size and shape of the house, the property, and the proposed deck.

As part of the drawing process, you will have to decide what the size and shape of your deck will be, and whether there will be a single or multiple layers. You should take into account the activities that will be occurring on your new deck and make sure that there is enough room for all of the items that you would want to place on the deck. As an example, you may want a dining table and chairs, and a barbecue – two of the most common items found on a deck. Make sure you measure each of the items and allow for people to move around those items to be sure that your new deck will be sufficiently large enough to comfortably accommodate everything. Also, if you want to have stairs down from the deck, where would you want to have them.

Once you know the proposed location of your new deck, you will have to determine what services and utilities might be in that area. Before any construction can commence, you will have to get a Utility Locate to determine that there is nothing in the way. If you have a septic system, there are minimum setback requirements from the septic bed and pipes.

Next, you should think about the underside of the deck. Usually there will be grass in the area, and you must decide whether to leave the grass, or remove it and replace with gravel. This is also a good time to consider whether you will want the underside of the deck to be dry. We can create a ceiling for the space under the deck should that be desired.

And now you can start to think about the appearance of the deck. There are many colours of deck board available, most of them being a brown shade or a grey shade. There are three main manufacturers of deck board, and their assortments are similar. The least expensive method is the use of Pressure Treated lumber. Next in a higher price is Cedar lumber , which is about 75% more in cost than Pressure Treated lumber. Another increase of approximately 25% will get you into the lowest cost Composite Deck Board.

Take a look at our Types of Decking page to get further information about the different options available. there are three main manufacturers of Decking material, and further information about their product line can be seen on the page for Timbertech/Azek, or the page for Trex, or the page for Fiberon.

Should your deck surface be 24″ or more above the surrounding grade level, you are required to install railing. There are many different options of railing , both by price, material and appearance.

And lastly, now that you have designed the perfect deck for your situation, consider having skirting material placed around the bottom to cover the understructure of the deck, and give a finished appearance right down to grade level.

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