It is important that you think about Railings, as any deck 24″ or higher above grade level must have railings installed.

Looking at the images below, you will quickly realize that railings come in a multitude of different styles. There are Composite Railings, and Metal Railings, and Wood Railings.

The most basic and least expensive option is a Wood Railing. Using wood posts and rails, you can then choose between wood balusters and metal balusters . The images below will give you an idea of the different appearances when changing the baluster only.

wood balusters
metal baluster

Composite railings are more expensive than metal railings, and both come in many different styles as shown in the image below.

As mentioned above, the least expensive option for a Railing is to use a Wood Railing with wood balusters. To give you an idea of the price differences of the Composite and Metal Railings, I have attached below a comparison provided by one of the lead suppliers of railing.

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